A top five most studied longevity molecule

Almost endless research into Spermidine, the main ingredient in Moby™, have yielded breathtaking results for improving human health and disease. The data goes way beyond it's life extending possibilities. Moby™ could be the most important thing you bring into your life. We've worked hard to gather dozens of top peer reviewed studies and data that will amaze you!

The Science

Intermittent fasting in a pill

The most valuable functionality of Spermidine seems to be its ability to efficiently trigger the body's autophagy and cellular renewal processes. It has the same effect as intermittent fasting on the body and rejuvenates mitochondria, the powerhouse of our cells.

Our mission

Using a science first approach, we're leveraging cutting edge research to offer the best in class evidence-based supplements to increase human lifespan and prevent disease. Our goal is to effect positive and meaningful change on our world.

Live a longer & healthier life!

Spermidine, the most important molecule to date for one's lifespan and health. Taking just one tablet per day, Moby will restore your body at the cellular level, studied for*

• Aging & Longevity

• Neurodegeneration & Brain Health

• Immune System Support

• Diabetes & Obesity

• Liver Health

• Cardiovascular Health

• Hair Growth

• Muscle Function

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